Cardiac Unrest

I am the king of fast love, make love, end love
Slow love, no love tie me down
Make me sterile
Desperate for human flesh on flesh
Fast, fresh, and free
A casual touch that lingers
Fingers slipped accidentally across your backside


When one pumps and throbs like a maniac, like me
Incidental contact sets his heart afire
When one eats and breathes sweaty skin and soft moans
A too-long glance shoves his heart to his throat
When one only prays to the god of sensation
Emotion tears deftly at aortic valves


And now.
You gave an inch of everything I really wanted
So I took a mile. And maybe a half.
and you, you let me
For a while.
Just long enough for the wind to be sucked
from my lungs

Contact be damned.


The truth is if you gave me what I wanted
I’d tear you apart
I’d make you fall in love with me
Then rip your heart from your chest
It’s not loving you that I can’t stand
That draws me into the flame
So burn me before I get the chance
Because once you give me what I want
I’ll tear you apart.

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