Chris Swimmer is an artist, producer, performer and all-around creator with an eye for the strange, silly, and provocative. He believes that with the right combination of vision, collaboration, and sheer scrappiness, even the most ridiculous ideas can be brought to life. He looks at disparate threads and braids them together. He knows that sometimes art is best made with hands and sometimes with spreadsheets. And all of it is made better together.

let's make something weird together

recent projects

RIP Democracy

A funeral for democracy on the steps of San Francisco City Hall

Organizer, program developer

Haight Free Love

A series of community-powered Summer of Love street events

Producer, theme development, community engagement organizer

Meow Wolf Outside

A cross-Austin immersive scavenger hunt at SxSW 2018

Participant interaction design, performance (multiple roles), general production support

Strangetown, USA

A community-driven music video for the artist Pancho Morris

Producer, narrative development facilitator, factory art design, performance


An immersive project for cyncially helping artists be more profitable

Participant interaction design, propaganda (materials) creation, performance

Chaortica Cruiselines

A surrealist, Titanic-esque immersive experience

Narrative development, producer, set design, lead performance

Helios and Luna

A sun/moon cult theme ritual at the Solvana Festival

Narrative development, interaction designer, production/performance mangement

The Shrine of Dough

A dough-themed statue and cult following at Burning Man

Theme/idea development, statue construction, performance lead

The Anglecan Church

An immersive project poking at the absurdity of some beliefs

Participant interaction design, propaganda (materials) creation, performance

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Chris is a member of Kitty Howl, an irreverent immersive arts collective.